Saving electricity
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Saving electricity
Be eco-friendly without too much effort.

It is possible to become eco-friendly without too much effort. Save both your wallet and the environment by following this simple list of eco-friendly tips. 

Lower the temperature 

Try to keep your room temperature at maximum of 21 degrees. You might be surprised. Many find it more comfortable with a room temperature set at 18-19 degrees. Note that, by lowering your room temperature with only one degree you reduce the use of energy with at least 5 percent.

Furthermore, it is both healthy for your body and good for your sleep to keep the nigh time temperature 2-3 degrees lower than in the daytime.  Remember to turn down the heater when leaving your flat, but not completely. This could cause moist or frost damages. 

Proper airing

To prevent wasting heat you must keep the windows closed when the heater is turned on. When airing, it is smart to turn your heater off and keep your window open for appox. 5 minutes. When closing the windows again turn the heater back on to a normal level. 

When it is cold outside your windows might get cold and cause a draught in your room. To avoid this, draw the curtains.

Eco-friendly bulbs

Eco-friendly bulbs use less energy than the old bulbs. Remember to turn off the light when leaving an empty room. The most environmental friendly bulb is the one not being lit. 

Turn your TV off

You should be aware that your TV and other electronic equipment will continue using electricity when turned off and set in an standby mode. Remember to turn your TV completely OFF by using the button on the TV itself.

Most people use too much water when boiling potatoes, vegetables, eggs etc. Reduce the water level to barely covering the food. The hot-plate does not have to be on maximum level all the time during cooking. Furthermore, you could save electricity by turning off the hot-plate towards the end of your cooking. It will always keep warm for a little while longer.

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