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Enerhaugen Student House

Enerhaugen Student House was built in 1980. It has nine floors, of which eight of them contain student flats. All flats have electric heating with panel heaters.

Your address is
Jens Bjelkesgate 60
Hxxxx (H-room number)
N-0652 Oslo

Your mail box is located in the 1st floor. They will be labeled with your name by SiO Housing.

Storage room
A storage room to every flat is located in the 1st floor. All storage rooms are labeled with a room number. Note that you are personally responsible for obtaining a padlock.


Q-Park manages the leasing of parking spaces. Enter for My page for information. There are also possibilities for street parking in the area. Community parking regulations apply here.

Bicycle parking/baby stroller storage
Bicycles must be parked in the bicycle shed in the 1st floor. It is not permitted to place your bicycle in the driveway or in front of the building. You will find a storage room for baby strollers facing the main entrance. In accordance with fire safety regulations it is not permitted to park strollers in corridors or staircases.

Bicycles and baby strollers must be labeled with a sticker available at the SiOCentre. 

Fire safety
The fire alarm system is connected directly to the fire brigade in Oslo. If a tenant sets off a false alarm he or she will be invoiced the amount which the fire brigade charges for the emergency.

Camera surveillance
Because of safety reasons some joint areas are under camera surveillance. Read more about our surveillance routines.

Fuse box and light bulbs
The fuse box is placed in the corridor on every floor. You are personally responsible for buying light bulbs. 

The windows can be placed in a position of good ventilation by opening both the side handles. The lowest handle must be completely locked!  To place the window in a cleaning position you must open either the right or the left handle together with the lowest. Remember to never open all three handles at once. If you do so the window can fall out of it’s frame and into the room.

It is not allowed to shake and air carpets, cook on a barbecue or smoke at the balcony. It is also not permitted to use the balcony as storage.

Reading room
Reading room is placed in the 1st floor. You can use your room key to access.

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